Have a Green Christmas - Janke Tree Farm

1.  Free Bailing (wrapping the tree tightly to make transporting it easier). 

2.  Free Shaking of your tree to clean last years needles out of the tree.

3. Free drilling of the trunk to accommodate those peg style stands that require it.

4.  We have saws available to use free of charge.  Twine is also available free of charge for tying the tree to your vehicle.

5.  On Saturday and Sunday a free tractor and wagon ride is available to bring people to and from the field.  During the week it is a nice  short walk with a tree wheeler cart or sled that we provide for your convenience. All U-cuts are within a 6 acre area - easy to get to. 

6.  Coffee, hot chocolate, cider available to purchase to warm you after the "hunt" and maybe something sweet like cookies or doughnuts!

7.  We always have Kleen-ex, hand sanitizer, paper towels on hand  and of course a  Port-A-Potty.

8.  There is always a good selection of freshly cut Pre-Cut Christmas trees located in the stands next to the barn for your convenience if you
      would rather not cut your own tree.

9.  We have people on hand who are happy to help you cut down your tree and move your tree at no charge.

10.  Fresh hand-made wreaths and swags are available either decorated, undecorated, and designer wreaths made from fraser fir or a   
      mix of fir, cedar and white pine.

11.  Centerpieces are made with oasis water absorbing foam and made with fraser fir to last through the holidays.

12.  Garland made from fraser fir as well as porch pots and hanging baskets - limited availability .

13.  We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover cards, debit cards, checks and cash.

14.  Free candy canes for kids and adults!  Free dog treats and "pick up bags".  Free twine for securing the tree to your vehicle.

15. Miscellaneous items:  Tree removal bags,  wreath hangers, and tree preservative for sale.