Have a Green Christmas - Janke Tree Farm

Janke Tree Farm
2676  111th Ave.
Allegan, MI 49010


Welcome to what is probably the biggest little tree farm in Southwest Michigan.   This is a compact tree farm with thousands of trees for sale within a very short walk.  We provide a tractor ride free on Sat. and Sun. for anyone who wants to take advantage of this. This is a family run business striving to provide an excellent product and great service.  Our goal is to provide an experience for your family of cutting your own fresh Christmas tree and having a great time doing that.   Most customers are able to drive away with their perfect tree in 1/2 hour.

Here is what we provide (see services tab for more detail).

1.  Choose & Cut trees:  We have an excellent selection of 10 varieties of firs and spruces. We provide the saw and we have sleds and tree wheelers to easily bring your tree back. EVERY tree that is for sale is pre-tagged with the species, the height and the price so you know right away out in the field whether this tree fits your home and your budget. 

2.  Convenient pre-cut trees:  An excellent selection of freshly cut trees is always available when time is limited.  Most customers are able
to choose a tree and be on their way in about 15 minutes.

3.  Wreaths - both decorated and undecorated made with fraser fir or mixed fraser, cedar and white pine .  Think about giving a wreath to someone who has an artificial tree but still wants something green or as a hostess gift.

4. Garland - fresh fraser fir garland for decorating inside or out.

5. Centerpieces -  Made fresh with oasis water absorbing foam to make them last.

6.  We provide all the services associated with buying a real tree, like shaking old needles out, drilling the stem to accommodate the stands that require it, no additional fee for any of that.  Netting is only $1 for trees under 8 foot and $2 for taller trees.

7.  We have a warming area and fire pit as well as an opportunity to purchase drinks and snacks.

8.  We strive for excellent quality trees and wreathes at a competitive price. 

9.  See our Environment page for all the benefits that this farm and YOU bestow on the environment by choosing a REAL tree!