Have a Green Christmas - Janke Tree Farm

Balsam Fir: 
Strong branches and soft needles, a straight stem and dense, soft, lush, dark green foliage make this one of the most desirable
for use as a Christmas tree.  Balsam  trees have the  scent that make most people think of Christmas trees!  

Canaan Fir:
This fir is sometimes described as an intermediate species between Balsam and Fraser Firs and  has many of the characteristics of both.  It is sometimes called a "Blue Ridge Fir" or "Bracted balsam" and makes an excellent Christmas tree for the same reasons mentioned in the Balsam fir and Fraser fir sections.  Very soft and fragrant and good needle retention.

Colorado Blue Spruce:
Classic pyramid shape and very strong branches to support heavy ornaments and good needle retention make this tree a popular choice for many.  This tree species color can range from medium green to those beautiful pale blue trees calledl "shiners".  If you don't mind the sharp needles, this makes a great Christmas tree.  

Concolor Fir (White Fir)
Silver-green foliage desplayed in a distinctive upright, sweeping manner.  This tree has medium to long needles with excellent needle retention, and that great fragrance that is very similar to a balsam fir and Douglas fir.  

Douglas Fir
Beautiful soft medium length needles.  The tree color can vary from medium green to bluish green.  This is one of the most fragrant trees with a sweet citrisy fragrance.  Good needle retention and medium strong branches for holding ornaments.

Fraser Fir:
Close relative of the Balsam, Frasers are medium to dark green with a silvery underside to the needles.  The needles are rounded, soft and very fragrant.  The fact that this tree is normally a little narrower  than many species and has extra-ordinary needle retention makes this tree a favorite.    

Korean Fir:
Medium length, soft, bright green needles and a pleasant citrus smell.  This tree is native to the high mountain regions of South Korea.  It has good needle retention and medium stiff branches for holding ornaments.

Norway Spruce (Red Fir)
A tree of European descent, sometimes known as "red fir" because of the color of the reddish bark on a mature tree.  It has an excellent dark green color and pleasing full shape.  Fair needle retention, not a lot of smell.

Black Hills Spruce:   Known for it's short, stiff bright  blue-green needles.  Darker and denser than a white spruce, slow growing and compact shape.  It originates as you might have guessed in the Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming - liking the higher elevations.  Interesting fact about these trees that has nothing to do with Christmas trees - this species can live for 150 to 350 years!  Good genes!

As always, we have an excellent selection of pre-cut trees in a variety of species for your convenience.  Come and see!