Have a Green Christmas - Janke Tree Farm

WATER, WATER, WATER!  Make sure you tree is kept watered.  YOU MUST PLACE YOUR TREE IN WATER WITHIN 12 HOURS OF CUTTING IT.   If you cannot put your tree up the day it is cut, then put it in a pail of water in the garage until you are ready to put it up.   If a tree sits dry for more than 12 hours after cutting it the little pores on the end of the trunk close up and won't take in any water.  This is the number one thing you can do to insure a  fresh tree that will stay fresh the entire holiday season.  A freshly  cut tree will drink up to a gallon of water a day for the first day or two.  This rate will slow after the first few days but keep an eye on it. 

If for some reason  you cannot get your tree into some water the same day it's cut and it sits dry for more than 12 hours, cut a sliver off all the way across the buttom of the trunk of at least 1/4 inch thickness to open those pores back up so it can absorb water again.

There are lots of convenient ways to water a tree available now - water dispensers that look like presents, little spouts that you can hide in the branches so you can conveniently add/monitor water - we usually have those for sale.

Don't place your tree over ( or in front of) a heat register, radiator or fire place

Contrary to popular myth, a fresh cut live tree is NOT a fire hazard when kept watered.   It has been shown in tests that an artificial tree will support a flame but a fresh live tree that is kept watered will NOT.

A freshly cut tree, especially a fir, should last for weeks if they are kept watered but if you like we do  have preservatives available for purchase to help retard needle droppage.

If that "new tree" smell in your house starts to fade,  just grab a few small  branches  and crush  the needles with your fingers  or cut off a few small branch tips with a scissors - this will  release new fragrance into the room.  You can have a fresh cut fragrance renewed every day!